keskiviikko 27. elokuuta 2008

Luettua 27.8.

Päivän paras otsikko ja luomuehkäisyä, Asunnottomille oikeus sisätilaseksiin!

Hyvä artikkeli Hans Mondermanista, The Traffic Guru. Alla oleva kommentti ihmisten suhtautumisesta risteykseen joka muutettiin aukioksi on mainio ja sopisi moneen muuhunkin asiaan:

At the town center, in a crowded ­four-­way intersection called the Lawei­plein, Monderman removed not only the traffic lights but virtually every other traffic control. Instead of a space cluttered with poles, lights, “traffic islands,” and restrictive arrows, Monderman installed a radical kind of roundabout (a “squareabout,” in his words, because it really seemed more a town square than a traditional roundabout), marked only by a raised circle of grass in the middle, several fountains, and some very discreet indicators of the direction of traffic, which were required by ­law...

Students from a local engineering college who studied the intersection reported that both drivers and, unusually, cyclists were using ­signals—­of the electronic or hand ­variety—­more often. They also found, in surveys, that residents, despite the measurable increase in safety, perceived the place to be more dangerous. This was music to Monderman’s ears. If they had not felt less secure, he said, he “would have changed it immediately.”