keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2009


Dennis Dutton perusti aikoinaan Arts & Letters Dailyn siksi että satunnainen lukija löytäisi netin laajasta tarjonnasta jotain yllättävää. Ajatus oli että henkilökohtaisiin mieltymyksiin täydellisesti kalibroitu sisällönhallinta on tylsää kuin päivän vanha leipä. Ajatus on oikea.

ALD:stä bongasin n+1 julkaisun (en ollut koskaan kuullutkaan) arvostelun kirjasta Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds (ei ehkä ihan ekana kirjajonossani), Molly Young kirjoittaa:
In those days Hefner liked his centerfolds "round, soft, and with a maximum emphasis on the beauty of being female." The Playmates of the first three decades follow this formula, flashing biteable bottoms and breasts. Things go downhill in the 1980s as breast implants became popular: the new boobs are globe-like and tactile only in the way that bowling balls are tactile. Some of them cast a glare, like cartoon balloons. Food metaphors no longer apply.

Something else (related) happens around this time: Playboy ceases to be about the erotic everyday encounter. Flesh and blood women turn to images; the "girl next door" becomes distinctly mediated. The bunnies were always mediated, of course, but something about the earlier photographs made you forget the medium and feel as though you were staring straight into the eyes of a luscious partner. Enthusiastic photoshopping has aided the transformation. Gone are the freckles and downy arm hairs of the predecessors. Breasts are surgically standardized; gym routines and spray tans produce identically toned and tinted bodies. Girls of all ethnicities blend together into one latte-colored woman, and the result looks computer-generated. When you try to imagine how the models might feel and smell, things like rubber come to mind.
Tässä on jotain hyvin surullista, ja aikaansa kuvaavaa.

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