torstai 2. huhtikuuta 2009

Lopun alkua

G20 maat pääsivät kuin pääsivätkin sopuun, ja se vaikuttaa hyvältä. Jonathan Portes raportoi voxeu.orgissa:

The London Summit does not mark the end of the world financial crisis or the recession that has resulted. But history may record that it marks the beginning of the end. As set out above, leaders of the G20 countries agreed that they would take whatever action was necessary – fiscal, monetary and financial – to restore growth and accelerate recovery, with monitoring by the IMF; they agreed to make available more than $1 trillion to and through the IFIs to support emerging and developing countries and maintain access to trade credit; and they agreed to completely reshape the world financial system so that in future it supports rather than undermines the real economy. Not bad for a day’s work.

Vapaakauppaa, 1000 miljardia elvytystä, ja tiukempi valvonta vipurahastoille, veroparatiiseille, jne. Ei todellakaan hullummin, ja lupaavaa ilmastoneuvotteluita ajatellen.

ps. FT:stä bongattu mielenosoituskyltti: Make love, not leverage.

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